C4 mission is to promote individuality and colour in your life through quality belts that give back. C4 stands for Choose your Colour, Choose your Cause. The C4 belt is not only one of the coolest belts on the planet, it helps the planet out by being Animal and Earth friendly, is 100% recyclable and each belt purchased helps out a number of charitable organisations.

C4 affiliates with a number of charities each year who help the world become a better place. With each C4 belt purchased $1 goes back to the individual charities.
Fashionable, Durable and Easy Care the C4 Belt is essential for your sporting wardrobe. It is made of machine washable, colour fast TPE that withstands any kind of weather providing you with a waterproof, colour fast, durable and fun belt. The hardest decision in purchasing your C4 belt is which colour or pattern to C4 Yourself.


The idea for C4 was born in an apartment above the bustling streets of Shanghai, where in 2011, American friends set out to find adventure, new friends, new experiences. A few months in Shanghai’s busy markets and late-night clubs showed them that the only thing cramping their style was a severe lack of belt choices.

Their leather belts were no longer cutting it, they stretch out, the rain ruins them especially during outdoor sports. But the friends never had this problem with another accessory… their watches. With the introduction of new colours, new styles, and new materials, such as the silicone used for watch bands. Why, then, hadn’t a similar revolution taken the belt world by storm? They soon found the answer, the silicone material on watches can’t take the high levels of tension around the belt buckle. So the friends kept searching.

Not long after, one of the friends’ uncles with over 25 years experience in plastics suggested a belt made of the same rubbery plastic used on snowmobile tracks. Making the belts from Thermo Plastic Elstomer (TPE) resulted in a durable 100% recyclable belt designed to withstand an active lifestyle with even the most extreme elements. It was the breakthrough they had been waiting for. And when they finally threw open the doors, they unleashed a revolution in the belt industry, a revolution that gives the individual unlimited freedom to dress as they want while giving back to the world around them.

Animal Friendly, Earth Friendly and 100% recyclable in the unlikely event you’ll ever part with yours.